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Táng – Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD), the most glittering and glorious period of cosmopolitan culture in China's history;Cháo – a tide of change towards something novel and exciting.

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Chinese Lessons and Business Awareness

Group Lessons at Global Law Firm

Eight lawyers at one of the UK’s leading global law firms wished to learn Chinese during their (scarce) spare time. They also wished to become familiar with key Chinese business protocols and social etiquette so as better to interact with their Chinese clients. A number were due to re-locate to the Beijing office of their law firm.

We organised group lessons over breakfast but with the flexibility to accommodate last minute changes due to pressing client and travel commitments to which lawyers are typically subject. Not only did the lawyers make swift progress in learning Chinese but they also remarked on how useful their knowlege of Chinese business protocols and social etiquette was in terms of winning new Chinese clients and interacting with existing Chinese clients.

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A tailored, intensive Mandarin course for busy professionals

Chinese lessons

One to One Tuition for GCSE Student

Khalil (Year 11) came to the Academy feeling desperate and hopeless about his prospects in his upcoming Mandarin GCSE examination. The Academy's teacher saw his potential to progress quickly given the right teaching programme. The Academy put in place a series of well-structured and tailored one to one tutorials, including listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese.

The Academy also gave him the GCSE mock examination which familiarised him with the examination questions and structure. "In just 16 weeks I went from a D to an A*! My teacher's style of tutoring was what helped me progress so quickly!”

More and more children are learning Chinese in English schools these days. The competition to achieve high grades in Chinese GCSE is increasing every year. The Academy provides additional tuition to children wishing to improve their Chinese GCSE grades. The additional tuition is provided in a tailored and targeted manner, designed to dovetail in with the Chinese teaching provided by the school. The Academy has a 100% success rate in gaining Grade A and Grade A* for its students, often starting from a low base.

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We help students to achieve optimum grades in their Chinese GCSEs

Translation Services

Patent Application

The patent system in China is becoming increasingly important for Western companies wishing to protect their patent rights in China. The Academy is frequently asked to translate patent applications.

For example, a UK technology company asked the Academy to translate four patent application relating to a complex geo-positioning security technology which involved highly technical (but critically important) terminology. The patent applications amounted to 180 pages in total and needed to be translated urgently in order to meet a strict patent filing deadline.

We translated the patent application within the deadline and also assisted the client in liaising with the Chinese patent authorities. No questions were raised by the Chinese patent authorities in relation to the translation such was the precision of the technical translation.

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We tackle the most complex and urgent translation assignments

Social Media/E-Commerce

Business Success in China

The Academy has advised numerous businesses (in the luxury goods, speciality drinks, service apartments and technology sectors) on how best to commercialise their products and services using Chinese social media and e-commerce platforms. Our advice has ranged from how to establish a compelling WeChat official account, choice of a compelling Chinese business name, blogging strategy, selection of Chinese “internet celebrity”, etc.

Understanding Chinese social media

Use sophisticated Chinese technology and digital platforms to build your business in China



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