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Táng – Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD), the most glittering and glorious period of cosmopolitan culture in China's history;Cháo – a tide of change towards something novel and exciting.

Army of the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, China


24th July – 3rd August 2017 (excl. Sundays)

11am – 3.30pm

Greenwich (SE10)


Sign up for something rewarding before setting off for your summer holiday!

A fun and exciting 10-DAY Intensive Mandarin Summer Course designed for Complete Beginners and Lower Intermediate students

All ages welcome (our students range from 3 years old to 85 years old)

Join us to:

  • Learn to speak day-to-day Mandarin from scratch
  • Improve your Mandarin GCSE scores and pass your HSK exams
  • Join us as well for a fun and exciting Chinese immersion to learn:
  • How to make delicious Chinese food
  • What flowers you should and should not give on different occasions
  • How to use Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to lose weight
  • The Chinese hand gestures used to express numbers
  • To sing some of the most popular Chinese songs
  • 10 major misconceptions about China
  • The biggest historical events in 5000 years of Chinese history
  • …and also to find out:
  • How to gain good fortune by arranging your furniture according to Feng Shui principles
  • What are the latest internet buzzwords in the Chinese language
  • Why Chinese restaurants would pay for a telephone number with a “7”
  • How much a car number plate “88888” is worth in China
  • How to use the latest social media in China
  • How many Valentines’ Days do the Chinese celebrate
  • What do the Chinese call “BMW”, “LinkedIn”, “Coca-Cola”, “IKEA” and “Uber” and what do they mean?
  • …and the list goes on!

Fun and exciting summer courses for all ages

Greenwich observatory

Our summer courses are held at Greenwich – a beautiful and historical part of London

LIMITED SPACES so please sign up soon!

'Early bird' rate of £299/person for reservations made before 30th June 2017

Standard rate of £399/person for reservations made after 30th June 2017

Toddlers come for FREE

Group and Family Discounts – please contact us directly for these discounts

The course will be co-taught by two highly experienced Mandarin teachers, plus guest China specialists for fascinating perspectives into Chinese daily life, history and culture.

Sign up via email: info@tangchaomandarin.com or
call/text course manager
Lisa Leung on 07415 966 600

Venue: 141 Greenwich High Road, London  SE10 8JA



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