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Táng – Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD), the most glittering and glorious period of cosmopolitan culture in China's history;Cháo – a tide of change towards something novel and exciting.

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What Our Clients Say...

"I was extremely impressed by the level of professionalism, commitment and dedication of the Academy's teaching staff. I was delighted not only by their expertise at teaching me Mandarin but also the strong cultural perspectives that they provided: basically, I also learned a great deal about Chinese history, culture and politics at the same time! I could not recommend the Academy more highly."

Jean-Michel Doublet (Former Head of Corporate Finance, BNP Paribas, Americas)

"I came to my first lesson with no knowledge of Chinese and was really surprised and very impressed to find that after 45 minutes I had both enjoyed the time enormously and been effortlessly taught how to construct about 20 useful sentences."

Chris Watson (Former Partner, Allen & Overy)

"What a delightful experience. With no prior experience of Chinese and little or no ability, I found myself in a very brief period coming not only to understand but - astonishingly - being able to speak a number of practical phrases. I couldn't believe how quickly and enjoyably the learning process unfolded. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Simon Dorris (Managing Partner, Landsdowne Consulting)

“What many students do not fully appreciate is how critical it is to find a teacher who speaks pure Mandarin and writes perfect Chinese characters. The risk otherwise – as I found to my cost before I found the Academy – is that the student would end up speaking Mandarin with a strange dialect and writing the wrong characters. Unlike the English language, in Chinese, there is only one correct way of speaking Mandarin and only one way of writing Mandarin. You will find, as I most certainly did, that with the Academy you will be in safe hands!”

Lisa Lim (Manager, Monitor Deloitte)

"Thank you very much for a fantastic first lesson. As a result of just one short lesson at the Academy, I now know my "wo xihuan" from my "wo bu xihuan". A really great introduction to a fascinating and lovely language. I will be back for more!"

Jack Borrett (Group General Counsel, Babcock International)

"I found the approach and methods used by the Academy to be both easy and effective. The content was likewise both useful and practical.  Without realising it as it was happening, I learned not only the elements of pronunciation, but also vocabulary and grammar, and the rudiments of recognizing characters in my first lesson."

David Satola (Lead Counsel, World Bank, Washington DC)

"The lessons at the Academy are really well prepared and managed. In a short space of time, I got up to speed on the fundamentals of the Chinese language. The setting and atmosphere is very relaxed and I have even made new friends among the other professionals who are there to learn Chinese. Well done!"

Ivan Berkes (CEO, London Pharma Capital)

“I am an editor working for Saxo Bank and my teacher guided me towards the HSK 4 exam for approximately two months. During that time, I have found her teaching methods to be effective, thorough and productive. Her knowledge of her subject is very apparent and her patience allied to perseverance and good humour have made the lessons fun, highly targeted and results driven. She helped me to deliver the performance that I need as a student of Mandarin to score well in my HSK 4 exams in June 2013 and more importantly prepared me for the possibility of working in China in a way that will allow me to demonstrate an effective working knowledge of the language. I would absolutely recommend the Academy’s Mandarin training course to other learners of Mandarin, be they students, businessmen or just keen followers of China.”

M. Rourke (Saxo Bank Denmark)

“Knowledgeable, engaging and effective – I would definitely recommend the teachers at the Academy.”

 Tomasz Townsend (CLSA)

“The enthusiasm of my teachers at the Academy make the subject engaging and makes learning a new language both educational and fun.”

Rosie Harrison (CLSA)

“My Academy teacher is excellent and committed, passionate about her subject and always keen to help students progress. Her lessons are focused, engaging and highly interactive, as well as being hugely enjoyable. She has a special talent for making a difficult subject digestible.”

L. Layfield (Aviva Investors UK)

“I specifically looked for a teacher who is able to help me with business Mandarin, with a focus on accounting and tax. My teacher's background in business management has been extremely useful here. I have since sat in Mandarin seminars and I have found I have been able to understand the discussions!”

C. Yau (KPMG UK)

“My teacher from Táng Cháo Mandarin Academy was highly professional and courteous and gave clear, to the point explanations. She was very accommodating in fitting around my very busy work schedule, and was creative in both making use of textbooks and her own custom materials. I would definitely recommend the Academy’s services to anyone looking to get started in or improve their Chinese, whether young or old."

D. Maggs (DeNA Japan)

“My teacher has been teaching Mandarin Chinese to me and a class of mixed nationality students with no previous experience of the language. It has been a very pleasant experience that I have come to look forward to and will continue to the next level and probably further. She is extremely patient in helping students comprehend the complexities and structure of the language. Her lessons are organised and administered to take you through the basic building blocks of Mandarin at each stage giving the student confidence to fully participate in all classroom activities.

Students are encouraged to interact with both teacher and the other students in the class without the fear of feeling embarrassment which I feel is one of her major advantages. I find she has an inspirational approach to learning that is measured and very professional, I would strongly recommend her classes to all that seek to extend their communication skills in Mandarin."

P. Brooks (DataDynamics Centre UK)

"I've had a number of Chinese tutors over the past few years, but none compare with the fantastic teachers at the Tang Chao Mandarin Academy. I had an amazing experience and developed a full set of skills needed to communicate effectively while at the same time gaining a deep understanding of the culture - often just as important. Thanks to the wonderful teaching and carefully tailored lessons, I was able to achieve FULL MARKS in ALL my GCSE Chinese exams which encouraged me to continue learning this beautiful and compelling language!”

Veselin Ivanov 17 year old GCSE student

“In just 16 weeks I went from a D to an A*! My teacher's style of tutoring was what helped me progress so quickly!”

Khalil Russell Y11 (GCSE), St Joseph's College

“I have earned an A* in just 7 months. This would have been impossible if I only had help from my current school. Having one-on-one tutorial lessons with my teacher has brought an added value to my learning of Mandarin, which I am very keen to learn. The lessons are so interesting, fun and fruitful too! She is there to communicate her knowledge and know how, easily, to enable me to develop quicker my understanding of the language and the Chinese culture too. Her teaching skills are impeccable and without her, I wouldn’t have been able to fully understand China’s culture and language.”

Sam Y10 (GCSE)

“We recently commissioned Táng Cháo Mandarin Academy to translate detailed legal documentation for a major international publishing project. The Academy team was extremely professional, thorough and very quick to respond to any queries.  The work was always completed accurately and in accordance with our tight schedule. We highly recommend the Academy for translation services and would not hesitate in using them in the future.”

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